Jailbreak iOS FINAL 10.3.2 Update – Full Review

Welcome back to the Latest jailbreak update News.in this episode is going to be all about iOS 10.3.2 and the upcoming Pangu jailbreak. so as expected Apple released the final public version of iOS 10.3.2 today. I hope this Jailbreak Guide helps clear some things up right away for you guys. So first of all do not update to iOS 10.3.2. I repeat do not update to iOS 10.3.2just yet. It’s still way too early and you know this one goes for people that are interested in jailbreaking.

now if you’re not interested in jailbreaking go ahead and update to 10.3.2.you know fixes a lot of bugs and security issues and things like that. But of course if you are interested in Jailbreaking don’t update a 10.3.2 just yet. ios 10.3.2 could very well be the last ios release until iOS 11.Do that means it’s going to be signed it’s going to continue being signed for a long time and aside from that there’s really nothing enticing about iOS 10.3.2.Especially if you’re coming from a 10.3.1 there’s really nothing changed at all. Just some minor bug fixes and security fixes. That’s it. you’re not going to get any new emojis or anything like that. So it’s really .less to upgrade to 10.3.2 regardless.

What You Need to Know About iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Update

Now the next biggest question is should I update from iOS 10.2.1 or iOS 10.3 up to 10.3.1 right now. Now this one is extremely tough to answer. But if I had to say an answer right now my answer would be no. I would still continue to wait at least for now. I would just at least wait a couple more days because according to my research again did that spreadsheet spent hours on that spreadsheet going back in history and seeing what Apple has done with these iOS releases.

According to that research Apple has never stopped signing an iOS version before seven days after the next version gets released. So if that holds true that means we’re going to have at least until next Monday to update the 10.3.1 and it could even be longer than that. so there’s no reason to make a quick decision right now just sleep on it and just wait I’m going to have another jailbreak update Article coming later this week. that’s going to touch on this a little bit more and what I think you should do. I would at least wait a couple more days if you are on 10.2.1 or iOS 10.3 or even 10.2 on the iPhone 7.

Now if you’re already jailbroken the mach quarter or the yellow jailbreak on 10.1.1 or 10.2.I would obviously not update at all because you are jailbroken. you know just don’t take that for granted you’re still jailbroken while a lot of people are not jailbroken. so I would not take that for granted I would definitely not update just yet. Another question I’m getting Lately. I’m not sure where this originated from or where this information came from. but I’ve had so many people ask me where’s the jailbreak. ios 10.2.2 got released where’s the jailbreak where’s Pangu jailbreak and I’m not sure where that whole rumor came from.

iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Update

I never heard anybody talk about a jailbreak coming immediately after 10.3.2.I have said in my previous Article  that you shouldn’t expect a jailbreak to get released right when 10.3.2 drops.as I said before Pangu will most likely give us a heads up before they actually release this jailbreak. just like they did for the iOS 9.3 jailbreak. They basically just gave us a heads up on Twitter that they’re going to be releasing this and then they released it. Now that’s not a given they may or may not do that on Weibo or Twitter and even if they don’t give us a heads up beforehand. I still can’t imagine them releasing the jailbreak the date of an iOS release.

I don’t think they’ve ever done that but I can’t see it happening here. so of course with the release of iOS 10.3.2 Apple did show its security note. so it basically shows all of these security fixes in 10.3.2.

10.3.2 Security notes

if you take a look at all of security fixes, You’re going to notice that Pangu. if you read through it we’re going to notice that pangu was not credited with any of these fixes. So what does that mean ?. well that means that Pangu did not report any of the bugs that they found for this 10.3.1 jailbreak that they demonstrated on the Janus conference a couple weeks ago.

They did not report any of those bugs to Apple to patch them. So yes that is good news for people that are hoping for a job right. Because that gives us a good indication that they’re not working with Apple on this. Don’t jump the gun there. I don’t think that this means that we’re automatically going to be getting a jailbreak soon and that it’s 100% guaranteed. Because still it is not guaranteed. this is just a good sign that one bug fix that really stood out to me on this.

List was the kernel bug that was found by Ian beer of Google’s project zero. it shows here that the impact of this bug is that it allows an iOS device to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges which of course is vital for a jailbreak. if you remember this is how the iOS 10 jailbreak originated. Google’s project zero posted the bugs for iOS 10.1.1 on their blog publicly.

Lucas took those bugs and created the Yalu and mark portal jailbreaks. So it’s a possibility that the same thing could happen with 10.3 .  When they post these publicly on their blog. if they do post them somebody could potentially take those and make a jailbreak out of it and release it to everybody. That’s not very likely I would not put very much faith in that. but that is still another possibility if Pangu does not release a jailbreak.

Now since Pangu did not report any of these bugs to apple. That gives even more validity to my claim and my prediction. I predict that this pangu jailbreak is going to work for iOS 10.3, 10.3.1 and 10.3.2.

Final Thought

I’m going to have another write up coming later this week. Some people still don’t understand Pangu did not officially say that they’re going to be releasing this jailbreak. They never claimed that they’re going to release this Jailbreak. They just simply showed it off at a private conference that they held in China. Now it’s okay to get excited.

I’m excited myself but we just need to kind of contain that excitement a little bit. just keep it real with ourselves and tell ourselves that you know there’s possibility of this not getting released. But again as this week goes on we may find out a little bit more about Pangu’s plans and I’m going to be making another Article again to keep you guys updated with some updated information as the week goes on. I hope you enjoyed this Article. if you did make sure to Share this Of Your Social Accounts. Make sure to Bookmark This Website in your Browser. Thanks Guys.see you soon


Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 Features And Changes

The jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 version is a massive expectation of the users of apple devices. The latest ios operating system of apple devices have now released with a huge competition. This operating system is one of the most aviated operating system. The apple corporation have set their goals to make the newly available operating system a successful one with the most expected features for the new year of 2017.

 Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1,ijailbreak 2017

The latest ios system is now available

jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 version is not available at the moment. But as the apple jailbreak fans you do not have to be disappointed. Because the jailbreak tool hacker and the developer have set their development goals on succeeding the newest version of jailbreak of the version of 10.2.1. o the well known reputed developer for the jailbreak tools the Pangu team have come across a definite way on achieving the jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 with an unofficial perspective. So for your information the latest jailbreak version is not official this time.

Current Situation For The Jailbreak on Version ios 10.2.1

the apple device users who are interested in the jailbreaking process can always use this new tool for jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 by going through the cydia installation on the apple devices. You can obviously use the tool on installing cydia for your apple device successfully. but unfortunately the cydia version is not that much stable on the ios version of 10.2.1. so in this case users can go through with the untethered solution of the jailbreak on the ios version for the 10.2.1 and the version of 10.2.

the semi jailbreak which is known as the only possible process which is on the process of installing the method on cydia for the ios with the version of 10.2 and also with the version of 10.2.1 apple devices brands. Note that some of the jailbreak functions are not applicable and available along with the form of semi jailbreak tools on cydia downloading processes.

Proceeding With The Process of Semi Jailbreak on The ios Version of 10.2.1

The good news for the bellowed and interested customers of jailbreak for the apple operating system of 10.2.1 is the semi version of jailbreaking process is positively compatible with the version of apple operating system.

The Features of The jailbreaking Process For The apple Operating System of 10.2.1

It includes some of the expected features with the jailbreak tool should have at its best experience. As apple users we are in to the jailbreaking process mainly because of the satisfying changes that we can apply for the official apple operating system version which runs in our very own apple iPhone o the iPad. So the basic intention is to allow the users to customize the options and the themes of the original apple operating systems.

The jailbreak tool for the version of 10.2.1 ios allows the customers to download and install unlimited number of apps straight from the apple app store; which is the official and the in built app in order to purchase and download apps for apple devices. So the best possible changes in the tool is the ability to add some of the emoji features and some of the attractive tools.




Jailbreak iOS 11.2 – Are you ready?

Apple launched the third beta of iOS 11.2 a few days back introducing a couple of fixes to developers. Since there are many fellows looking for a reliable answer regarding jailbreak iOS 11.2, here is the story with specifics that you should not miss. If you confused what should do next, check this out before deciding whatever. It is up to you stand alone or pull things together to face even risky state of affairs. Here we go.

jailbreak ios 11.2

What’s new?

The iOS 11.2 will record as the eighth offer of Apple for the eleventh iPhone operating system if the array will not add minor updates before. However, the version has been taken along a few key features while minor updates as well will be there as often.

However, this is the version that rumored to be there with the feature peer-to-peer payment method. It is one of the newly introduced techniques of the company to make users easier on their payments. It is widely known as the Apple Pay Cash feature that contained in the official Messages app. In accordance with reports that described the functionality, it planned to quicker all your person to person transaction without any complications. Cash will accept via specifically linked credit card or debit card. Furthermore, cash that collected will arrange in Apple Pay Cash card that you can use for whatever purchase or for any bank payment.

And also, animation bug where many users faced with the Calculator as well noted to fix through. Symbols and numbers that ignore once arrange in hasty series. So the animation will not be there to carry out calculations smoothly.

Jailbreakers behind iOS 11.2


jailbreak ios 11.2

For many of us anxious to welcome jailbreak iOS 11.2, here is how hackers react thus far to offer a public utility. At the moment, there is no any reliable report describes regarding a public reveal for iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.2. It reminds us that a couple of versions of the tenth iOS chapter have to end before start walk through the eleventh. Though Saigon 10.2.1 was the final release so far, there is a rumor from a reliable source that hackers getting closer to 10.3.1 too. Therefore, it’s time to open your eyes and keep them closer to jailbreakers to confirm coming launches as soon as possible.

Anyhow, if you got above clarification it is clear, even cannot arrive at a clue of Cydia download iOS 11.2 that soon. But also, for hackers could arrive up to iOS 11.1.1 and that proved by KeenLab with a demonstration, wish that 11.2 as well will certainly have a doorway.

Wrapping up

jailbreak ios 11.2


And at the end, you better decide what would be the best to arrange next. Should you upgrade or not? In my opinion and as we clarified above, you should ignore the update unless jailbreakers will be able to launch jailbreak iOS 11.2. For there is no any responsible hacker for the battle, keep your jailbroken device safer and far from risky non-jailbreak stations. Stay tuned for we yet to know how the story will narrate.

Everything you should know about Jailbreak iPhone X

Tonight at 12.01 am, Apple will open the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for pre-orders. At this time, there is long list of focused than previous for things have been drawn far and even beyond rumors. However, everything you need to know about jailbreak iPhone X is here. If anything missed, stay tuned for further narrations to bring them here.

jailbreak iPhone-X

Everything about the iPhone X

The iPhone X which is the hottest and the biggest Apple launch ever has amazing wonderful features that you ever captured. Wireless charging, OLED frame, and further rumors became true bringing more to its feature list. Though some of the features are same with iPhone 8 series, the X is the most excellent.

Top rated features

Newly created design

The iPhone X is unique from all. Its design cannot compare with 8 series either. The chin area, Touch ID sensor, and the Home button are not there that has been replaced by some other new arrivals.

OLED display – 5.8inch

The device’s OLED display widely covered the absolute front frame that Apple introduced as a Super Retina. This is for the first time in iDevice history bring into play 458 PPI density and 2436 x 1125 resolution.

jailbreak iPhone-X

A11 Bionic CPU

This is powerful and swift than A10 fusion chip with the strong motorized cores in 25%.

Rear cameras with Two OIS

The two rear cams have been pointed upright in iPhone X. Optical image stabilizes and smaller f/2.8 aperture are the two key features that telephoto lens hold. The true tone flash of quad LED is an unquestionably qualified and upgraded.

jailbreak iPhone-X

TrueDepth Cameras and Face ID

The X is absolutely free from Touch ID approach. All you have to do is, let its new security system to unlock the phone to access Apple pay or else to enter all locked functions. The feature will bravely and perfectly carry out by the TrueDepth camera. It remains on the top while holding dot projector, flood illuminator and an essential IR cam that verify the owners face.

No Home button

At this time, the iPhone X has no any home key on its screen. The screen has been covered by the OLED plainly. However, you have respectable gestures to let you move through each action using the Home switch.

Wireless charging

This is one of amazing leak that we could capture from the very beginning of Apple’s hottest iPhone rumors. As it said to be, the back glass shelter is the key function that supports the feature. Those who will capture the device can charge it using whichever QI wireless charging stand that acceptable.

By the way, while these are the most highlighted parts at this time, there is a long list of hidden functionalities too. Better battery, Animoji, Portrait mode and further are there that you should not miss. Though the 8 and 8 Plus will be on your hands after coming 15th, you should sit tight for the X has been drawn back for developing drives.

jailbreak iPhone-X

Release date

  • iPhone X – Pre-orders on 27th October. Release date will be 3rd November

Price ranges

  • iPhone X : 265GB – $1149, 64GB – $999
  • iPhone 8 : 256GB – S849, 64GB – $699
  • iPhone 8 Plus : 256GB – $949, 64GB – $799

Video review

iOS 11 download

iOS 11 is the official firmware model that Apple settled to commence with. After ten public and developer beta array, iOS 11 as well dropped its Golden Master version to the audience during the event on the last 12th. Those fellows who wish to collect the amendment can go after the respective procedure of iOS 11 download with proper authentication. The update has firmed and stabilized security measures and features that demoed over previous betas. However, in accordance with reports, its major publication will arrange on 19th September.

Jailbreak iPhone X proficiency

For being a jailbreaker, you may desire to capture things surrounded jailbreak iPhone X. But it’s pity recalls that we cannot confirm whichever before its launch. And even hackers have to prove the ability once it starts the journey that functioning iOS 11.

Wrapping up

Want an iPhone X? Just remain tolerantly till coming October. Since three are many further things that you should try, its better draw on your own rather than just refer clarifications. As you were looking for jailbreak iPhone X, hope you can guess that how long it would take for the even release date has been fixed on 3rd November.

Everything Around New iPhone to Jailbreak iPhone 8

The OLED Flagship iPhone 8 is now ready for the arrival as of the confirmations Apple has made. So in less than a week, the new iPhone will come marking the 10th proud year anniversary of the whole iPhone family opening a huge chapter. And as there is a handful of reasons to wait for the next surprise, this is our attempt make you aware of all its news, features, specs, pricing, availability and also with the possibility to Jailbreak iPhone 8.Then read on to catch all facts under one roof.

Jailbreak iPhone 8

The first iPhone came in 2007. And by the time of 2017, we could expect a huge change in all its way with a look of the expected iPhone 8. So eventually it has grown on all sides. And in thinking about how will the new iPhone be called, we get to various stories about this 10th-anniversary edition. And as it is only less than a week to go for the big day, we call it iPhone 8 regardless of all the wild-card name suggestion. So let us move to all relevant news.

iPhone 8 Release Event and Date

When does the new iPhone come, a question millions of users struggle with having various stories all over the web. But by now, things are pretty easier as Apple has confirmed the date of the event on 12th September 2017 at the Steve Job’s Theater, Cupertino. And about a week from the official announcement we could expect the new iPhone 8 release with all start of the sales. But for the sad news, we have rumored about a delay possible in the new flagship iPhone as iPhone 7S/7S Plus are in an earlier plan of going on sales. And this is possible with the pressure on the supply chain as we usually get to meet in a big release of Apple’s editions.

iPhone 8 Features

Jailbreak iPhone 8

In talking about the new iPhone, we meet many updates around its features. And in the design, Apple must have done a big change introducing a full-screen front with no more Touch ID or the Home button. And for another interesting fact, there we will meet new facial recognition technology impose of 3D sensors in the front camera. At the same time, it is with OLED display technology with the ability to produce its own light. So it will offer better light, visual quality at the same time saving your power. And as it does not stop from there, get into the key specs as below which we took from all trusted schematics.

Key Specs:

  • Display of 5.8 inches
  • 3 GB of RAM space
  • 64 GB to 256 GB Storage
  • Resolution at 750 x 1330 pixels
  • Allowed wireless charging
  • A11 Apple chip
  • Facetime camera including a new 3D sensor
  • iPhone 7 rear camera features with optimized OIS
  • Featuring full glass body
  • OLED display with all-screen front
  • NAND flash memory includes
  • Dust/water resistant up to IP68 improved rate

The starting price of the new iPhone is rumored in various ways. Although many votes on $1,000, the weight comes more in $1,200. And definitely, it will be the most expensive iPhone ever with all its improvements.

iPhone 8 Software iOS 11

iPhone 8 is promised to run on iOS 11. And as Apple started previewing iOS 11 from the times of WWDC back in June, we find it with many improvements above the now signing iOS 10. So if you weren’t trilled with iOS 10, it is time for a change with iOS 11 which includes all that we felt lacking in the previous iterations. At a glance iOS 11 Download will give new Control center experience, improvement to apps/stickers, better handling for iMessages, new voice upgrades to Siri, improvements to syncing, and so much interesting. You can make all confirmations on the 12th event as Apple has planned for the meeting of iPhone 8 and iOS 11 two giants on the big stage.

What is new in Jailbreak iPhone 8?

The possibility of Jailbreak iPhone 8 depends on the possibilities one can reach in iOS 11 Jailbreak. And for the happy news, we now find two powerful demos to jailbreak and Cydia Download iOS 11 with credits to researcher team KeenLab. The recent demo is a video that shows three different handsets running iOS 11 beta 2 and iOS 10.3.2 get jailbreak successfully. And as the previous demo back in June, here also iOS 11 jailbreak is mostly highlighting while other reveals at the background.

Jailbreak iPhone 8

Getting a demo leave us in a new hope. But we could not guarantee the exploits same in the later iOS 11 where all security and patches are high in the concern. And as both the demonstrations are based on iPhone 7, we cannot predict about the support when it applies to an iPhone 8. So leave all to the times up.

All rumors all over will soon get into a place with the confirmations on the 12th event. So let’s meet up soon with another review on iPhone 8 features, price, upgrades and also Jailbreak iPhone 8. And if there is anything to know before the event, write us through the comments in anytime.

Jailbreak iOS 11 and the all possible facts

In these days the Apple company is busy with their upcoming massive iOS 11 chapter. Of course, this time also, they have included more adorable and attractive features to the chapter. Moreover this time the Developer has focused to improve the productivity of iPad devices within the upcoming firmware. And now they have successfully released 4 developer only beta versions and 3 public betas to the chapter. So, it clues us that they have steadily reached to the gold master released. Anyhow, in this time as a jailbreak fan have you got any updated fact related to the possibility of jailbreak iOS 11 after the Keen demo? Well, then here we go through this quick round up to have some possible facts.

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1

Well, let’s we have a quick round up of the iOS and Cydia community.  All of us Kone the Apple company is now busy with the developing tasks of the upcoming iOS 11 chapter. It will be released to the public on Coming September. During the time period, iOS 10.3.3 is the available latest stable firmware chapter. And believe this will be the final version of the existing 10th episode. On the other hand. When we turn around to the Cydia community currently available latest jailbreak friendly chapter is iOS 10.3.2. Of course, we know iOS 11 Cydia download is a possible fact. But it wasn’t stable yet.

A word about iOS 11 jailbreak demo

Those who were desirous to have any updated fact for iOs jailbreak the passed MOSEC 2017 was a gladsome event. Yes, in that occasion a hacking group called Keen team got success to jailbreak iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.2. Well, now when we focusing on the 11th chapter jailbreak, the Keen team got success to blast the version within 2 weeks of its first developer only beta released. Yes, they too got success to run Cydia iOS 11. So, thanks to them now we know it is possible to jailbreak the upcoming event. Anyhow, after the demo Keen team got silent. And haven’t officially unleashed anything to the public. So, it seems there demo is only a show off of the possibility of jailbreak iOS 11.

Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2

Will you able to jailbreak iOS 10.3.3?

Of course, in which way you focus about iOS 11 jailbreak, the chapter wasn’t still available. But iOS 10.3.3 is the stable presently available firmware edition. Therefore, rather than focusing on iOS 11 it will be better for you to have a cracking utility for iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak. Yes, when we focus on the security features of the firmware, this has released after two months of the test period. During the time period, they have followed six public and developer test versions. So, as the final chapter of the 10th firmware, the developer will improve the security features of the edition.

Further, when we focus about the breakability of the existing chapter, still there weren’t any possible hints related to it. So, we can’t guess what will really happen. Some times the hackers will work on the chapter. Or they may pay their full attention for the upcoming 11th edition. Though as a Jailbreak fan you want to allow some time to the hackers and see what was really happen in future.

Wrap up…

Well, finally when we conclude the all possible facts need to mention that still, you haven’t the chance to enjoy Cydia iOS 11 and Cydia iOS 10.3.3. But in recent future some times you might be lucky to enjoy jailbreak iOS 10.3.2. Yes, Ian Beer has found an exploit for that. And now, worn for the jailbreak fans to stay with the 10.3.2 to enjoy the upcoming utility. so, you can stay tuned with us to have more features related to the all possible facts in iOS and Cydia community.

Expecting Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 in the Public Rights!

By now it is not a secret that, Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 is possible with a demo. Thanks to security researcher team KeenLab, it is all clear the entry to Cydia working successfully on a flagship iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 6 Plus. And with the further signs, it looks supporting a semi-untethered processing just like all the recent jailbreak sessions happen to continue. But at the expectation of a public release, how possible it is to be all same just as talking through the demo? Let’s walk through all notable facts in iOS and jailbreaking by now.

Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2

iOS 10.3.3 is now the latest to the public. Just as 10.3.2 the previous, the latest update too comes for iPhone 5 and up, iPad 4th Generation and later also with 6th Generation iPod Touch. And just as promised through all 6 betas up to now, the update is fixes oriented including the patch to Broadpwn exploit that has let some hackers to take control over the iDevice. So with considered all, this is the biggest reason why anyone should install iOS 10.3.3 right on the device. But how would that come when concerned jailbreaking iOS?

The Chance for Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 as a Public Jailbreak Solution

When KeenLab makes its first jailbreak demo on iOS 10, it was winning so much attention of all. In fact, it came shattering a long wait with no jailbreak word making iOS 10.3.2 and also iOS 11 fans happy. Just as iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak it worked for iOS 11 beta as well on a flagship iPhone 7. So this is an exciting piece of an update for all jailbreak fans as the first ever demo for iOS 10.3.2 as well as upcoming iteration iOS 11.

Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2

In some cases, what been demoed in previously just go for no use when coming to any final release to the public. But in some cases, that brings the real use as any solution at the final is just with the inspiration of the previous demonstration. In concern the current scenario, we still do not know, to which Cydia iOS 10.3.2 belongs to. Although there is no any hope of iOS 11 in the jailbreak for immediate days, what is at 10.3.2 is important as it just comes to know when 10.3.2 is signing the latest. So now with 10.3.3 updated above, the chance for any 10.3.2 jailbreak is high. But with no word yet, it is time for the wait. And hope that will not make you long wait as things in the scene now set for something immediately.

The role of Pangu Jailbreak in iOS 10

Todesco’s Yalu 10 is the only approach to iOS 10 jailbreak even for now. But when it comes in betas, the release of Pangu iOS 9.2-9.3.3 is finding the most recent update to jailbreak as a complete public jailbreak solution. And sadly, reminding of Pangu previous jailbreak taking us to a year back. So the need for a new chapter of Cydia is now high in the feel when Apple keeps upgrading the operating system. But will Pangu, TaiG or any other would win over Apple barriers?

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1

Pangu and iOS jailbreak having a long-term bond. So here we are with high expectations of another Pangu era as a refreshment of the update almost a year old. Although there is still no word about its view to iOS 10.3.2, the fact of Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 in some weeks back makes us aware that Pangu jailbreaking is not completely gone from the updates although with a little silence. So at a time iOS 10.3.3 released and 10.3.2 is near to stop all signing, it is time to expect Pangu come back with Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2. Stay with us and get all clear in view.

Rooting process regarding the iOS and Android

The process of rooting is considered as the process, which allows the users of the tablets, smartphones and other kind of devices, which runs under the Android Operating System, on attaining the privileged control an also named as the root access, on the various kind’s subsystems of Android devices.

As the Android OS uses the base of the Linux kernel, the process of rooting a device of Android gives the similar power to access the administrative also known as the SuperUser permissions, similar as in the platform of Linux or other Unix OS such as OSX  or FreeBSD.

Deep discussion on the process of rooting

Mainly, the process of rooting is done to overcome the limitations which possibly included on Android devices. Rooting enables and gives the permission to change, alter and replace the settings and the apps on the system.

Users can run specialized apps, which seeks administrative permissions. The users will ultimately have the ability to do other operations, which stated to be impossible for non-rooted Android devices. You can even totally remove the OS of Android by using the root technique. Updating the OS to the latest version is possible.


iOS and Android

The rooting method is also compared with the method of the jailbreak. This technique is done with iOS regarding Apple devices. These two are different. Jailbreak means a bypass process for lots of prohibited techniques for the end user of Apple. It modifies the iOS, enforced by the”locked bootloader”. It also helps to install apps which has not been officially approved. This is done by a technique named sideloading.


Jailbreaking gives the users to elevate the administrative privileges same as rooting. Most of the time the minority for Android OS is they lock the bootloaders. For Sony, HTC, Google and Asus devices, they provide the opportunity to do the unlocking. With this you can even replace the OS totally. Sideloading apps are permissible regarding Android without root permission. This is the third aspect for jailbreak in iOS. That means, giving the admin privilege. So many similar to root for Android.


The overview

You can run privilege commands on all installed apps with rooting. But not available with devices includes stock configuration. You can install the SuperUser app from the root. By this app, you can monitor and request the grant permissions for installed apps. Unlocking the bootloader is also possible.

When comparing to iOS, rooting does not need on running apps outside the Play store. This is named as sideloading. You can download apps apart from play store by enabling unknown sources option.


Advantages of rooting

  • You can control the whole Android.
  • System files can be customized easily.
  • A massive support on installing and customizing themes; users can change the visuals, the battery icon color combination.
  • Full control over the kernel; allows to overlock, underlock the GPU and CPU.
  • Full app control; allows backup, do restore, remove bloatware, batch edit the apps.
  • Processes of system level are custom automated, with the help of the third-party apps.
  • Ability on installing custom firmware (custom ROM); allows controlling in additional level regarding rooted devices.


The methods of rooting

For some methods of rooting, you have to use the command line prompt and the interface of development named (ADB) Android Debug Bridge. Some methods use the specialized apps. Some devices may be easy to root while some may corrupt the device.

There are methods, which will allow root within seconds. So you can choose either method. This depends on the device model and the method of app you are using for the rooting task.

Alloc8 bootrom exploit forever, ijailbreak the 3GS Device

The Alloc8, which is a bootrom exploit regarding the idevice iPhone 3GS. This was particularly released by the axi0mX. The exploit successfully created all the iPhone 3GS. This includes the latest bootrom, have the ability to do the ijailbreak forever.

Lots of 3GS iPhone devices are free because of the alloc8. Forever by doing the exploiting a kind of powerful type of vulnerability regarding the function malloc inside the bootrom. Both of the versions of bootroms regarding iPhone 3GS are vulnerable. But the old bootrom type is vulnerable up to 24Kpwn. This amount is faster, when comparing to alloc8.

jailbreak iOS 10.1.1

The latest ijailbreak tool is named as ipwndfu. This was released through the GitHub. Below are the features of it.


Ijailbreak the 3GS iPhone along with the new bootrom, using alloc8 the untethered type of bootrom exploit.

Pwned DFU mode exploit, regarding the devices of S5L8920, using the limera1n exploit. It is compatible along with Mac Operating systems like Yosemite, the El Capitan and the Sierra.

The dump SecureROM for the devices of S5L8920.

The Dump NOR for the devices of S5L8920.
The flash NOR for the devices of S5L8920.
Decrypt or Encrypt hex data along with a device which is connected in the pwned DFU Mode through the UID or GID key.

Features which will arrive soon

Refactor and also recognize the code and also fix the issues regarding the spaces or the tabs.

This includes an easy setup: which means, it will remove the requirement in order to do the patch libsub and download the iBSS on automatically from the help of a partial zip.

The Pwned DFU Mode exploit regarding the S5L8720 or S5L8922 or S5L8930 devices which are compatible along with Yosemite the El Capitan also the Sierra.

Dump SecureROM regarding the S5L8720 or S5L8922 or S5L8930 devices.
Install the boot logos which are custom on the devices, which has gone through the ijailbreak process with the alloc8 and 24Kpwn.
Enable the verbose boot regarding the devices which has been gone through the process of ijailbreak along with the alloc8 and 24Kpwn.

If you need some additional information you can always research on them. This is a well-researched topic with lots of scope. There are so many things that you can do with the idevices. We really hope that this write up helped you in gathering the knowledge.

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 with Powerful Demos

The release of the next jailbreak is the question for all who missed the chance for Yalu. And this will soon be changed as Pangu has recently come with powerful demonstrations showing possibilities for Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1. So this is the complete review covering all about the expected jailbreak from in days approaching.

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1

Although things are not yet with confirmations, fans are now in the expectation of Pangu 10.3.1. Thanks to Chinese blogging site “Weibo”, the pictures and a clip of video have now been rolled out in the web proving Pangu is somewhere in iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak. The conference has held in the Mercedes-Benz Arena Shanghai which better known “Janus”. And for the interesting fact, the event has held in target a certain crowd with no intention of the public attention.

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 on Stage

There were some doubts about when Pangu come with a new jailbreak when Yalu put the first attempt to iOS 10. But drawing it to no longer, we now see team Pangu with powerful demos putting iPhone 7 jailbreak on 10.3.1 on the screen of the recent Technology Conference.

As to the assumptions, the coming jailbreak will hit on both 10.3 and 10.3.1. And as to the rumors now, it will only work for 64-bit devices including iPhone 7/7 plus which is change to Yalu previous which was with some limitations from iPhone 7 hardware settings.

Should you Update iOS 10.3.1?

As to the expected update, iOS 10.3.1will be jailbroken soon. But depending on the firmware you now stands, the decision to update or not will impact in different scales.

  • If I am jailbroken- If you are on iOS 10/10.2 Yalu jailbreak, you should avoid 10.3.1 at this moment. In fact, giving up Cydia chances already in hand just seeing rays of a new jailbreak is not worth here. So wait for the confirmation of a new jailbreak to upgrade
  • If I am on 10/102 with no jailbreak yet- For those who stay on 10 to 10.2 here get a great chance with Yalu which anyone above is not given. So rather than waiting for Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 with only a 50% possibility, head Yalu and get Cydia Download successfully
  • If I am on 10.2.1- As to the golden rule of jailbreaking, staying to the lowest possible firmware is important to increase the chance of jailbreak ahead. So until the jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 confirmed, stay with the version as continued
  • If I am on iOS 10.3- As expected, the coming jailbreak will work for 10.3 and 10.3.1. So update here comes with no big impact if you are happy with iOS 10.3 on iDevice. But in case of jailbreak only works for 10.3.1, you will have to update for Cydia download

Saving Blobs iOS 10.3.1- Updates

The TSSSaver is now in a better interface giving the chance for.shsh2 blobs saving of any firmware signed in a better interactive manner. In fact, it now introduces an online operation rather than heading with manual processes. So take the updated online consult and save blobs of iOS 10.3.1 at the time it allowed signing.

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1

iOS 10.3.1 is now signing latest while 10.3.2 available in testing versions. And as the fifth beta is out, we can expect the release 10.3.2 very soon taking a little challenge over the jailbreak fans. But if Pangu holds the tool update until Apple hit 10.3.2 in the public, the chance for Cydia would draw in the side of 10.3.2 as well. So stay with all news from us.

With all rumors so far revealed, Pangu jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 is in a position of a public release. And let us believe team Pangu to make the word true as stated through the technology conference making Cydia dreams come true for a majority. But as always, the tool will not be available to the public until the team put official notice.

How Can we install The El Capitan DMG On The Mac Devices ?

El Capitan DMG can be used to install on the Mac devices. You can now download the Operating system for the El Capitan easily by navigating to our official site. The site will assist you to download the version of 10.11 OS X.

Install the El Capitan Operating System through the El Capitan DMG file

Let us simply check on the basic guidelines of the process of downloading and then installing the El Capitan DMG file on your Mac computers and the laptop.

How can you install the El Capitan OS X regarding Mac device.

i jailbreak

  1. First, download the torrent file of the El Capitan Operating system. You will get the El Capitan DMG
  2. Now, Right click on the app file. Click on ‘show package contents’
  3. Open the installESD.dmg file, you can find this in the Install OS X Yosemite.app folder, see in the contents folder and go through sharedSupport folder.
  4. Open BaseSystem.dmg file, which is in the OS X Install ESD open (mount) folder under contents. The file may be hidden. Go through the option of show the hidden files.
  5. Run the disk utility, expand the BaseSystem.dmg, through the USB drive the formatted GUID (available in options) and the Mac OS coffee.
  6. Copy folder named OS X Install ESD, go to packages which is in the USB drive, go to system, go to installation. Replace the alias of file packages.
  7. Copy them to the particular root of those drives and the BaseSystem.dmg Basesystem.chunklist of Install ESD.
  8. Then, backup.
  9. Now, reboot and hold down alt, select the USB drive.
  10. Now the installation process can be done.

You can visit our official site for more details on downloading the El Capitan DMG and installing the El Capitan operating system.


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