Apple WWDC 2014 OS X 10.10, iOS 8, and More

Apple’s today conference world wide developers company shares information, operating system updates, new products, and new service. this conference held from june 2 to 6 in SanFrancisco, california. specially this conference denotation on iOS 8 and OS X. apple TV, iWatch unveiling this conference.


iOS 8

iOS 8 key feature of maps improvements and major siri with a rumored healthbook app aggregates various fitness and  health information. rumors suggested siri and maps might improved third- party app.

iTunes radio with iOS 8 may be separated own said to be preparing new song identification feature iOS 8 operating system partnership with shazam. Such a service built directly into iOS 8 operating system, integrat with app and Siri allow to user identify songs play on radio or other sources

Apple has hinted that new mobile payments system is on horizon. might leverage the company Touch ID feature first introduced with apple iPhone 5s.

OS X 10.10

iOS 8 little information. there’s even OS X 10.10 on less available iOS 8. it is not clear apple has in store for operating system, but few UI changes OS X mavericks introducing relatively.OS X 10.10 possible that bring some significant visual improvements.

Smart home platform

apple planning a new software platform will iphone directly security systems, control lights and other household gadgets at WWDC. smart home technology may incloude official approval partnership with device makers support iOS 8.

Apple TV


Apple TV

Apple TV are some murmurs about next era. apple’s said apple TV next generation wii released.WWDC meeting witch held major update topic. support for iOS games, possibly a full App Store, redesigned set-top box is in the works rumors have suggested that.