Bypass icloud activation lock for all iOS 8 iDevices

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock available for your iPhone , iPad or iPod permanently by Doulci iCloud bypass activator. Doulci iCloud bypass activation is only bypass activation tool for any iOS Device. Only you can lock your iDevice if you are a owner of iCloud lock phone or your device locked with your own iCloud account.

Doulci activator


If your Device stolen , Hacked , forgot your login information, forgot email login, this is the best recovery for that.This tool supports both windows and MAC. Doulci iCloud bypass activation software safe and works without malfunctioning.

Now do not need go to the factory unlock and unlock iCloud activation lock is available for permanent for any iPhone, iPad or iPod including newly released iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 3

 Download doulci iCloud bypass activator

Before iCloud Activation lock

  • Backup your device
  • Download the doulci iCloud activator file
  • make sure that iCloud server is online

 Bypass iCloud Activation lock for iDevices – step by step guide

  1. Connect your device on your computer USB.
  2. Then run doulci  bypass server
  3. Enter the activation code into doulci
  4. Click “Activation” to start and wait for iCloud activation complete.

Video tutorial for Bypass iCloud activation using Doulci

Bypass activation credits goes to

  • @AquaXetine
  • @Merruk Technology
  • @minacrisofficial