Jailbreak iOS 9

Even though there were few jailbreak tools for each iOS release, the latest iOS 9 series couldn’t reach that as Pangu was the only jailbreak tool that offers us the Cydia download iOS 9.1. Therefore, when we concern the jailbreak iOS 9, there is only Pangu even for Mac users as well. They released their first Mac compatible tool for iOS 9, to keep the dignity just with them without let any other jailbreak team. But we cannot neglect Taig, because of Pangu jailbreak as they will be the tool if Pangu couldn’t reach that. So, it is the reason that most users still talking about Taig, even they fail to attempt jailbreak iOS 9.

iOS 9 jailbreak

Cydia download iOS 9

Anyhow, as Pangu 9 download is the standard jailbreak iOS 9, it is the only way that let you download Cydia on your any compatible iOS 9 device. You can check our previous articles for the list of the iOS 9 compatible devices. Anyhow, Pangu has offered you two options for Windows and Mac. Both are included the Cydia 1.1.26 as the latest update of Saurik. And, there are number of Cydia tweaks to please you as new and improved. Also, new tweaks as well to offer in the near future for iOS 9 jailbreak users. Anyhow, most users are looking for the Cydia impactor option as well to make their devices un-jailbroken simply. Hope it too will be included soon.

Pangu , Taig and the jailbreak community with iOS 9

As now you are going to receive e a new release of iOS, as iOS 9.2, all are looking how the jailbreak community going to face that. Because even Pangu could jailbreak iOS 9, Apple patched and released the next version without the ability to replace.  So users must make e sure that they won’t back any previous version before install iOS 9.1. Also, same going to happen when they launch the iOS 9.2 as the public release.

Anyhow, because of they fail for the jailbreak IOS 9, Taig and the new Keen team too is still working for the jailbreak iOS 9.1. Therefore, we only can predict you that the jailbreak iOS 9.1v is not so far from here. Until that, you can enjoy all Cydia tweaks you received with jailbreak iOS 9. Also, we hope that the jailbreak iOS 9.1 will amaze us all than jailbreak iOS 9 because still we don’t know even the Team which going to be with that.