Downgrade iOS 8.1.1 or iOS 8.2 beta to jailbreak iOS 8.1

iOS 8.1.1 released with a lot of fixes and improvements.If you need to jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 or iOS 8.2 beta there is no facilities to do that because iOS 8.1.1 is incompatible with pangu8 jailbreak. But do not get panic with it you can jailbreak  by downgrade to iOS 8.1. Downgrade to iOS 8.1 as soon as possible before Apple stops sign in iOS 8.1 otherwise you will not be able to jailbreak. In any event Apple still sign in iOS 8.1 and you can jailbreak your device.

Downgrade iOS 8.1.1 to iOS 8.1


Requirement for downgrade iOS 8.1.1

  • Make sure that still Apple is sign in iOS 8.1
  • Connect your device to your computer.
  • Backup your device using iTunes or iCloud.



Downgrade iOS 8.1.1 to iOS 8.1


Downgrade your iDevice to iOS 8.1 using following tutorial.

Step 1 :- Download the iOS 8.1 to your desktop.

Step 2 :- Open iTunes and run then select your device.

Step 3 :- Hold the ‘ Shift’ on windows or Alt/Option’ key on MAC and then restore.

Step 4:- Select the iOS 8..1 and click the open.

Step 5:-  iTunes will  Downgrade iOS 8.1 and it will ask you to verify to update then update

Step 5 :- After the downgrade process is completed you can jailbreak using pangug8 jailbreak

Pangu8 1.2.1 jailbreak released

Just before pangu team has released a new version of pangu8 1.2.1. for iOS 8-/8.1 firmware. It included with latest Cydia 1.1.16 bundle. However still pangu8 jailbreak available for Windows OS. But According to pangu team they have already been working for pangu8 MAC version and it will be released in very recently. Now you can update your device on jailbreak pangu 1.2.1You are already jailbroken your device no need to jailbreak again.

pangu8 1.2.1


Full change log of jailbreak pangu8 1.2.1

1. Integrate with Cydia 1.1.16 (Cydia fixed boot issue when using “Restore from Backup” feature)

Download pangu8 1.2.1


Download pangu8 1.2.1 – windows


If you hope to jailbreak with pangu8 please use our following tutorials.

jailbreak pangu8 – download pangu 8 1.0.1



Jailbreak Pangu8 1.2.0 released – download pangu 8 1.2.0

Jailbreak pangu8 released only a couple of weeks before. After that within short period of time pangu team released Pangu8 1.1 and then they released their latest  tool jailbreak pangu8 1.2.0 for iOS8 – 8.1. Updated pangu 1.2 released with number of  fixes , tweaks and with many improvements.

Pangu 1.2 has uprooted CPU drainage on 32 bit devices issue, Safari issue , native browser crashing issue, bug reloading issue and also updated Cydia. Now yoou can download pangu8 1.2

pangu8 1.2.0


Pangu8 1.2.0 change log

“1. Fix the issue that launchd may drain cpu on 32 bit devices.

  2. Fix Safari reloading bug and occasionally crash problem.

  3. Optimize jailbreak process.

  4. Restore function now support iPad Air2/iPad Mini3.”

Pangu 1.2 compatible devices

  • iPod touch
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5/5c/5s
  • iPhone 6/ 6plus
  • iPad mini 2/3
  • iPad/iPad Air/Air 2

Download pangu 8 1.2.0

Download pangu8 1.2.0 for windows OS

Jailbreak Pangu 8 video guide

Please stay tuned with us for  more information about jailbreak news

Jailbreak iOS 8 and Cydia install using pangu8 1.1

Already the newest pangu8 1.1 jailbreak tool introduced by pangu team. Updated version including with many bug fixes , fully working Cydia package, pangu8 English and with numerous changes. However the pangu8 1.1 MAC is not available yet but pangu team say that they will update MAC version ASAP. Now Download pangu8 free available and you can jailbreak your iOS 8 device using our step by step tutorial.

Jailbreak pangu8 1.1 is a very easy and simple process. If you’re already jailbroke your device and installed Cydia update Cydia and pangu8 no need to jailbreak again.



Important – before jailbreak with pangu8 1.1

  • Backup your device.
  • Make sure that all passcodes are disable.
  • Install iTunes on your computer before the jailbreaking process.


How to jailbreak with pangu8.1 – and install cydia


Connect your device with the PC


Enable your iOS device’s Airplane mode.


Download pangu 8 1.1 from official site


Right click on pangu tool and Run as Administrator


After detecting your device by pangu then Start jailbreak


Click Already Did to start jailbreak process.


Wait until the jailbreak process is progressing after that your device will reboot then you can see Cydia icon in your home screen and you can experience with Cydia.


Please stay tuned with us for more information about jailbreak

Download pangu8 1.1 – pangu8.1

According to pangu team they have released latest pangu8 1.1 jailbreak for iOS 8 through iOS 8.1. Download pangu8 1.1 now available for pangu8 1.1 English and for windows.  It is very easy to use.  As the pangu team says that they will definitely update Pangu8.1 for MAC as soon as possible.

The new pangu8 .1.1 has released with many bug fixes as well as new cydia install too. You do not need cydia install manually it will be installed automatically.


pangu8 1.1



Download pangu8 1..1 – pangu8.1

You can download pangu8 1.1 for pangu8 windows

Pangu8 1.1 – pangu8.1 compatible devices

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 plus
  • iphone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone4
  • iPad air
  • latest iPad mini
  • ipad retina

Jailbreak iOS 8 using pangu8 1.1

  1. Disable all the passcodes in your device
  2. Backup your device’s data
  3. Download pangu8
  4. Run the pangu8 and go thorough the steps

Pangu8 1.1 change log

According to full official change log

“1.Bundle latest Cydia for iOS8.

2. Optimize jailbreak process.

3. Fix an issue that may cause MobileSafari to crash on 64bit devices.

4. Fix an issue that causes iMessage/SMS to fail to send images.

5. Respring is not required anymore to make Substrate working.

6. Pangu APP now with some useful functions.

7. Add English support”

Please keep in touch with us for latest jailbreak news we will let you know ASAP.

Free Download Pangu8 jailbreak for iOS 8

We know that few days before pangu team has released the latest untethered pangu8 jailbreak tool for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1. Now all iOS users can  free download pangu8 easily. Pangu is the best way to jailbreak iOS 8 it works with even the latest iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 plus, and iPad air 2 . However pangu8 sti available for windows operating system and also available Chinese version. According to pangu team they are working for pangu8 English version and MAC version therefore updated version available in very soon. As well as they are willing to update with well working Cydia.

Download pangu8-free


Free download pangu8 for iOS 8 – 8.1 – direct download links

Download pangu8 1.0.1 free for windows

Pangu8 MAC is under development and it will be soon


Download pangu8 jailbreak steps

  • Disable your device’s passcodes
  • Backup the device
  • Download the pangu8
  • Run the pangu8

Compatible devices on dawnload pangu8 jailbreak

  • iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus
  • iPhone 5s/ iPhone 5c/ iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad mini
  • iPad air
  • iPad mini retina
  • iPod touch  5th gen


Ios compatible devices


If you did not  jailbreak yet.follow the step by step guid by jailbreak pangu8 – download pangu8 1.0.1. please keep in touch with us for more information about pangu 8 jailbreak.

panGu8 Jailbreak for iOS 8 – 8.1released

Pangu team has released pangGu8 jailbreak tool for jailbreak  iOS 8 -iOS 8.1 few hours ago . The invent of an effective tool for jailbreak iOS 8 – 8.1  is a great leap forward. Nevertheless this  is only available panGu8 windows and pangu Chinese version. MAC version and panGu8 English version will be available in due course. According to pangu team cydia is not included with this but they will be hoped to update with cydia in recent future. Whereas the basic SSH access is provided. pangu2_ui

PanGu jailbreak iOS 8 – 8.1 compatible devices

  • iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus
  • iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / iPhone5
  • iPhone 4
  • retina iPad mini / iPad mini ( 1st gen)
  • iPod touch (5th gen)

Preparations before panGu jailbreak iOS 8 – 8.1

  • jailbreak ago

Back up your data before use the pangu jailbreak . Most idevices are tested successfully with this to avoid the data loss. It is important to turn off the screen before the jailbreak locks and setting off iCloud ” Find my feature”

  • jailbreak  OTA upgrade system failure

OTA system included with many factors. Download the latest official firmware and retry if the repeated attempts fail. PanGu ( iOS 8) additional brush and automatic activation feature, the brush can escape with simple click then panGu will automatically activate and jailbreak your device.

  • Storage capacity is almost full (displayed on three devices)

Because of the jailbreak program will write most important  files to the system and resulting alarm system directory. This problem will be solved when the cydia compatible

  •  afc2 service

You will not use afc2 plugins because Apple has introduced la lot of adjustments to the system

  • Do not delete and disable service

Don’t remove the service , else it will cause the white apple.

Please keep in touch with ijailbreak blog we will update tutorials about panGu jailbreak iOS 8 – 8.1 as soon as possiblle