Jailbreak iOS 8.4

As some users still using iOS 8.4, we would like to review jailbreak iOS 8.4 for Cydia as follow. It was great for all iOS users as they could jailbreak iOS 8.4 just after the release thanks to Taig jailbreak. As Taig has already captured all below versions of iOS 8.4, it seemed that they reached the jailbreak iOS 8.4 too before the major release even kept it without any sign. Also, we cannot neglect the PP jailbreak too, the other team that could stands for iOS 8.4 jailbreak because of their excellent work on jailbreaking. So the jailbreak iOS 8.4 could amaze us all and even Apple as well.

jailbreak iOS 8.4

Cydia download iOS 8.4

Cydia iOS 8.4 was the most talk as users have to stay on iOS 8.4 until the jailbreak iOS 9 reach us. So at that time, Taig could bring the Cydia 1.1.23 update as the latest update before arrive the 1.1.26 which is now on iOS 9. Also, Taig could released their first ever jailbreak tool for Mac users as well. Therefore, most users were wait to receive the iOS 9 too as a Taig jailbreak because of their cleverness to fulfill the eagerness of fed up iOS users, stayed without Cydia up to four major iOS releases. So with the jailbreak iOS 8.4, Taig could draw the leadership of the jailbreak community and still most jailbreak users are looking for them with a hope for a Taig tool on iOS 9.1.

Release of the iOS 8.4.1

Anyhow, when the Taig and PP jailbreak tools could crack iOS 8.4 it became a reason to evolve iOS 8.4.1 to expel the jailbreak possibility to keep it as a barrier to protect iOS 9 which was on its beta season. But the amaze was most users avoid upgrade iOS 8.4.1 even it included Apple music improvements. Because all were looking to welcome iOS 9 with a great jailbreak tool. But we have to stay for a long period as the jailbreak community failed for the jailbreak iOS 9 until Apple released three iOS releases of iOS 9 series.

The Rootless security system vs iOS 9 jailbreak

The reason that the jailbreak community take much longer to archive iOS 8.4 jailbreak was a new security system added on iOS 9 as “Rootless”. But Pangu could surpass it through their expertise. So now the iOS 9.1 jailbreak has become the effort of them as it appears as a version without jailbroken.

However, we will let you know if there will be any update of Apple or the jailbreak community too as soon as possible. And if you need perfect news of iOS, just visit us.