Download Cydia for iPhone 5

what is cydia..?


cydia was released in February 2008. cydia developed by jay freeman, perhaps better known as saurik. cydia is an open source alternative for installing third-party apps. official apple app store lost of free and paid apps, softwares, cydia app store over apple app store, many option for changing settings on your IOS device, changing the look with so many different themes with cydia download. cydia is management suite used that can be used when you jailbreak your IOS device. it is basically like app store for jailbroken device and full customization of your iphone.

first jailbreak cydia your device. cydia is installed when your iphone, ipod, ipod touch or apple TV cydia app will automatically install with the jailbreak download.

Download cydia

first process of getting cydia downloaded on your  device is to jailbreak it. some people jailbreaking a device can be pretty intimidating. jailbreaking connect your running 3rd party software on your computer Windows and Mac operating systems are compatible cydia download.

your IOS device are jailbreaking two ways

  1. Go to 3rd party site download the software and do it your self- you are doing wrong way may destroy your IOS device.
  2. professional jailbreak service- you are confused on the steps or technical minded person, this option and it takes the guesswork out of the whole process.

you should avoid using these jailbreak downloads as they don’t normally faction very may luck important updates the free jailbreak lot of cause free jailbreaking your device to crash and you will lose all your valuable information and data currently stored on your device and restore your device to manufactures original settings.

How to Install Cydia

cydia is an essential application.if you have jailbreak iphone, install cydia on your iphone. you can download iphone apps. that cannot be found at the apple app store and downloaded through apple’s official app store. Follow how to intall cydia ruining on your IOS device.

Cydia instrall step by step guide.

  1. Connect your iphone to internet.
  2. Jailbreaking your iphone should have installed a cydia icon on the second page of you home screen.
  3. Allow cydia installize. take few seconds. after the finish instalizing cydia, will close automatically.
  4. Next restart cydia. you will be taken to the “who are you” window.
  5. Set your self as user. these give you more tools such as command lines, but are not necessary for the average user.
  6. Check your iphone update inits programming database in cydia and give update permission. you will see the progress at the where it say’s “download pakeges” wait until the database index has downloaded.
  7. Cydia will give you there option to “Upgrade Essential,” “Upgrade Complete” or “Ignore.” Select and confirm the “Complete Upgrade” option it has been upgraded.
  8. After find and download iphone apps store or adjust and customize settings. cydia install is successful.

cydia downloaddownload

Requirements for Cydia install

  • Operating system- Windows (XP or higher), Mac OS X (10.6 minimum) or Linux (x86 / x86_64)
  •  iOS 6.0 to 6.1.2 (Any iPhone or iPad) Ckeck your iOS at Settings

Cydia download IOS7

Evasi0n7 jailbreak tool for IOS 7 is now release by evad3rs team. you can jailbreak your IOS 7.0.1, IOS 7.0.2, IOS 7.0.3, IOS 7.0.4 with download evasi0n7. it is easily jailbreak your IOS device. evasi0n7 new one is compatible with all models of iphones, ipod touch, ipad, and ipad mini. evasi0n7 download are available for Mac operating system and Windows.